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Romantic weddings

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 Romantic weddings lend themselves to smaller, more intimate ceremonies and reception celebrations, rather than large gatherings. However, that isn't to say that you can't have a romantic wedding with 100+ guests - but do be aware that you may loose some of that "romance" in the process of trying to plan an event with so many people in attendance.

So what constitutes romance? Some ideas are red or pink hearts; soft, delicate flowers; candles; champagne and wine; pearls; large bows; organza and chiffon materials; romantic music.

Romantic wedding themes also lend themselves well to the seasons (spring, summer, fall, and winter), as well as to holidays such as Valentine's Day. Specific historical eras, such as Victorian weddings, are also incredibly romantic.

As you can see, there are many theme variations that can be created to work with romance. How about a "Love" wedding, where you use the words of love in different languages? Or perhaps a fairy theme, like Shakespeare's Midsummer Night's Dream? Even a Medieval or Renaissance wedding out in a flower meadow is a perfect setting for this type of wedding celebration.

  Our capacity for an inside wedding is 20 - 25 persons, and 50 for an outside wedding. The cost will vary depending on your needs.  To give a basic idea of the pricing, we have the following general options:

1. Wedding Facility Rental usage:

a. All Weddings concluded prior to 3:30 PM are not required to rent the rooms in the main house.
Site fee charges are as follows based on number of persons attending:

  prior to 3:30 PM after 3:30 PM    
under 25 persons $475 $675    
up to 5o people $575 $775    


Site fee includes tables, chairs.

b. Weddings concluded after 3:30 PM must include rental of all rooms in the main house, and  cost is $345. Additional costs include dining  - Ranging from $20.00 to $28.00 per person. The facility can be used for the wedding ceremony, rehearsal dinner and the reception. Many guests have a brunch the morning after the wedding and family members return for a special send-off of the bride and groom to their special new life together. You may wish to personally add decorations at your discretion with the collaboration Alla's.

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