Alla's Romantic Getaway Bed and Breakfast, Spa & Cabana Inn Dallas Texas USA

(Organic European style breakfast, free parking & WI - FI internet connection, free glass of wine with hors d'oeuvre upon your arrival, free choice of soft drinks during all of your stay! We are located only 15 min. from downtown Dallas, Tx.


Posted on July 15, 2009 at 12:47 AM

Alla's B&B

Posted by Lobeseat11:27 PM

Jon and I wanted to make the most of our brief trip back to Dallas, sowe made plans to find a quiet and secluded B&B to relax and catchup. Alla's Historical Bed & Breakfast immediately caught our eye.

 Uponhearing our car in the drive-way, Alla, the B&B owner, comes running out the door and immediately greets us with big hugs. She refers to us as her "cute babies" for the entirety of our stay.

 She takes us on the grand tour of the property which she owns with her husband, Rick. This house is the oldest all-brick house in the city of Duncanville, built by the Chief Mason, John C. Pelt, in 1927. The place is completely  furnished with antiques that both Alla and Rick have collected in Europe- a hobby & passion that they both indulge in twice a year. Almost everything in the house is over a century old,including the toilet that they salvaged.

 We enjoyed their Redwood Cabana & Spa romantically-lit with oil-lanterns and strolled through the backyard garden.


In the morning, Alla rang her breakfast bell and we were welcomed to the most fantastic European breakfast spread. We stuffed ourselves with homemade strawberry jam, french crepes, cheesy eggs, and imported coffee from Germany. Her family joined us for breakfast and even then we couldn't finish all the food that she served. All the while, we happily listened to stories of her life in Ukraine and of all Eastern European specialties that she promised to serve the next time we visit.

After overexerting ourselves from all the eating, Alla was kind enough to let us nap through the afternoon and past our check-out  time. Now, that's great hospitality!  We're in love! :)


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